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August 21, 2013

Christie @ 9:41 pm #

Although I do agree with you that you leave behind people who are hurt and/or left to clean up the mess, and you don't really know whether what is on the other side will be better or not. HOWEVER, not everyone who is contemplating suicide is in the right frame of mind, has been helped or even tried drugs (prescribed or not), and just can't get their head above water. Yes, there is always a way for it to get better, but I believe it is a mental health issue. And, some don't know how to get the help they need. I don't know what the answer is. I wish it was an easy formula. I wish we could reach out to every human in need. Unfortunately, it isn't that easy. And, those not of sound mind just don't see the way out. Although, I've never met someone whose survived an attempt at ending their life who has regretted living. Solace is usually found.

Heather Molans @ 11:10 pm #

We spend a lifetime making choices. The choices we made yesterday will affect the person we are today. Most of us feel we are victims of the actions of others. However, we are the only person to think within our head. If we decide that someone else can hurt us, and allow it, it is our decision, and we will be hurt. Yes, even in the case of abuse. These days anyone can report or leave a situation. The reasons we give ourselves for continuing to receive punishment are nothing more than a decision to give away our power. We come into this life to live OUR lives… At the root of not being able to live a productive and joyful life is a self image issue. If we are confident in who we really are, we can choose not to be affected by the actions of others. In the above case, a juvenile without self-realization feels the drama of inflicting injury on others as retaliation. It is unfortunate that so many young people have no one to turn to when they need counsel. However, in the case of Lee Thompson Young, it was a matter of choice. He knew how to find help. Had he a strong self image, he would have overcome whatever circumstance he faced. If we choose to follow scripture, there is a time to live and a time to die. Many subscribe to the idea that life is a classroom, and we face a variety of lessons on earth. The passing of a life gives pause, in some circumstances, for the reflection of those whom the deceased did not know. Others reflect on their own experiences, or grieve for the loss of a life, when perhaps the loss was part of a divine plan. As for those who knew the decedent personally, a variety of lessons are offered which usually include guilt. Is guilt beneficial? I think not. It is just another lesson to be learned. Finally, we must ask ourselves why we are so overcome by the idea of death. It is nothing more than a release of consciousness from physical to spiritual, which enables the entity to experience sublime peace and love. Why do we grieve?

August 22, 2013

Linda McCabe @ 11:59 am #

I too thought about it at one point, years ago. Not to hurt someone else but to just make it stop. Life was way to complicated with no end in sight. I am glad I did not. And it drove me to get help, which was the start of a lot of much better things for me!

Good points, Lin. I know of someone who is headed that direction, and nothing anyone can do can convince them to get the help they need. No, they are not thinking straight.

A song always comes to mind when I see this. "How Do You Get That Lonely" by Blaine Larsen. Great song…

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