Lost in Space

Two days ago I got back to writing. I’d spent a year and a half after retiring from a desk job doing physical things, mental therapy.

The first blog post took longer than expected. I edited, cut, rearranged till I could be proud of it. Proud to show it. But I couldn't post it on Facebook. Where to show? Where are the readers?

There's something wrong internally between the site and the host that makes Facebook distrust it. GoDaddy, the host, says that's a Facebook problem but they will help me fix it with a WordPress paid upgrade consult. Perhaps I don't want to be a writer at all. Perhaps I only want to be published, to be heard, the outcry of the entire world right now.

I do want this fixed. It gives me a way to creep back into writing until I am overcome with the novel concept that will get me out of bed mornings. Daily habits, even small ones, oft repeated move the lever of success.

I'm tempted to edit this post, but why, if it will never be read?

I'm lost.

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