Lin Ennis, educator, mortgage acceleration expertLin Ennis is a communication artist, excelling in all forms of verbal communication. Her gift is explaining complex concepts simply. Step-by-step. Translating engineer-speak into ‘human’ language. She’s written instruction guides for high-tech products, and written about the effect of one inch of rain on city landscapes.

  • writing
  • editing
  • book designing
  • publishing
  • speaking
  • training and
  • marketing

Unstoppable with pen after winning a 6th-grade poetry contest, Lin has written and published continuously:

  • 4 years’ women’s columns in an international newsletter
  • 2 years editing an international newsletter nominated for a press association award
  • 2 years editing and California not-for-profit newsletter that won a press association award for editing
  • 12 years editing, writing and designing corporate collateral materials – brochures, fliers, training manuals
  • 1 public radio logo contest won for coffee mug design
  • 4 years writing instruction and training manuals
  • 8 years coaching and training home-based business entrepreneurs
  • 16 years publishing online
  • 4 books authored
  • 1 year writing nature columns for a small-town newspaper
  • still blogging and syndicating online articles
  • photography appears in books, magazines, newspapers and online

If you think Lin looks good for 87, just wait! (Some of the above accomplishments were concurrent.)

Lin is a prolific writer and creative editor and marketing consultant.

How will your adoring public perceive your offer? Lin can tell you. And craft it to reach them.

Talk to Lin Ennis here.

Philosophy of Art

Most people don’t spend their careers doing what they are passionate about, at least in the United States they don’t. Are you spending any time exercising your passions?

I don’t believe in the sanctity of the starving artist. So I spend a great deal of time marketing. I’m not as passionate about marketing as I am about writing, but the better I get at it, the more I enjoy it. Since I am passionate about writing, I write to market. I write blogs, articles and emails.

The point I’m making is: If you are passionate about what you do, you must also be passionate about getting it in front of the public. If you’re a painter or photographer, that means exhibiting and selling your work.

We do not live in a free-exchange society. An hour of my time is as valuable as an hour of yours, but that isn’t the exchange system of our culture. We live in a cash and credit society. We pay for stuff; therefore, others should pay us for our stuff. “The laborer is worthy of his [or her] hire.”

If you don’t charge what your passion is worth, you’re reducing your ability to engage in your passion. You rob the world of your gifts.

Draw people to you, then charge them when they show up.




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