Writing Clips

I’ve written for so long about so many topics, it may take me awhile to get a significant amount of clips posted. If you’re interested in seeing a particular style of writing (technical, humorous, catty, persuasive, etc.), please use the Contact link to email me about what and why.

My main topic areas have been:

  • training manuals, primarily computers, software and self-actualization
  • brochures describing corporations or corporate events
  • fliers promoting events
  • issues of under-served populations in not-for-profit sectors
  • neighborhood advocacy
  • nature: invasive plants of the Southwest, xeriscaping, wild animals of the Southwest
  • petroglyphs, pictographs and other cultural resources of Northern Arizona
  • marketing pops and flops–what works and what doesn’t
  • online marketing
  • mortgage acceleration and other personal financial literacy matters

More to come, I am sure. It isn’t the topic that grabs me permanently. Topics lure me by decades. The process of explaining the misunderstood (or unknown) is my overpowering seductress, whether the message is my own or one I’m helping you convey.

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