Holding onto Yourself


Linny's AvatarI haven't written or blogged regularly in so long, I contemplated letting all my websites go when malware recently forced an error that required resetting almost everything and spending a few hundred dollars to upgrade security. In short, the Google gods sent me into a black hole. All URLs now beginning with https:// instead of http:// is sort of like giving a merchant the three-digit code off the back of your credit card because that makes the 16-digit number, expiration date and matching zipcode more secure—until another security upgrade is required for your credit card or your website or turning on your dishwasher.

The question was, Should Lin Ennis, who once had millions of search result in .19 seconds, disappear entirely from the world wide web? Maintaining a personal identity on the web is almost as obscure as cryogenics. Don't want to freeze my body and come back in the future as myself, or as anyone else for that matter, so I'd better get in line with this security thing and keep my presence here, at least a little bit.

The tools with which I was familiar are now different. WordPress has probably released 20 updates since I was last here. Layout themes are more complex. The article syndicators that hosted my writings have disappeared. My books are all but out-of-print. My knowledge of how to build an authority site is not appreciated by my boss or my lover, so why syndicate articles anyway?

I just cannot completely let go of myself. I'd like to get my food blog back up and running. Sometimes I just want to cook and write about it. Or discover a new vegetable and see whether it has a following. I'm not selling anything. I might if there were a market fort common sense. Or logic. Or insight.

I'll have to figure out the 2018 equivalent of Feedburner and a dozen other utilities Google absorbed; otherwise, no one will even know this is here except me.

If by chance you, a person, is reading this, please let me know I have a reach of 1 or 2 or …

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