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Desert Island

Ever been asked what you would take if stranded on a desert island? I’ve not been sure, or whom I would choose to speak with—if that were the question, any person living or dead. After too long a stretch without … Continue reading

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When Down is Up

I signed out of my home office at 4:30 Friday and haven’t looked back. Not that that is huge, because it was only 26 hours ago. But I often “check in” to see whether anything is going tipsy with one … Continue reading

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Cost is Not Bad

I’m not fond of the aphorism There’s no such thing as a free lunch, because it is usually delivered as a bucket of cold water to drown a flicker of hope. But it’s true. Everything costs something. The price only seems … Continue reading

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I haven’t written or blogged regularly in so long, I contemplated letting all my websites go when malware recently forced an error that required resetting almost everything and spending a few hundred dollars to upgrade security. In short, the Google … Continue reading

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Speak Boldly

This used to be my front page, a page I haven’t changed in YEARS. I may come back to edit its content to be current. Meanwhile, I need a new front page with fresh content. Edit0 Read, write and shoot … Continue reading

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Professional Writing

From the March 11, 2016 obituary I read today in the Red Rock News: His father Joe Lee McCoy was killed in a logging accident prior to his birth. And that, my friends, is why the world needs professional writers. The … Continue reading

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Love Is a Choice

In the movie The Choice, where “each small decision leads to the next small decision” and cumulatively make a life, decisions are presented as a provocative philosophical theme. How does a person marry one person instead of another? Little choices … Continue reading

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Gardening Episode

I don’t recall the name of this little bush producing rose-colored flowers. It is a rose, non-thorny variety. Prefers full-sun and I planted it under a tree. It seems too large to move now. When I clean the pond, foreground … Continue reading

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How to Put in Your Own Drip System—or Not

We planted an oak tree this week, an Emory Oak (black oak), native to this area though not common until one reaches higher elevations. Since I want to water it, I encircled it with a few plants I thought might … Continue reading

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Preparing for Rotator Cuff Surgery, Part 2

Part 1 of preparing for rotator cuff surgery focused on assembling conveniences to make life with one good arm—usually not your dominate appendage—more manageable. Part 2 is about preparing yourself. Resilience Continue to do all you can to boost your … Continue reading

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