booksEver been asked what you would take if stranded on a desert island? I’ve not been sure, or whom I would choose to speak with—if that were the question, any person living or dead.

After too long a stretch without downtime—me time—No work, no urgent household repairs, nor pressing relationship projects (like collecting free firewood together), I’ve missed books! 

This past year my go-to source has been the convenience of Amazon Kindle, yet I haven’t spent the price of a physical book for a one-time through ethereal read very often. When the $1.99 special suits my fancy, I do enjoy it. But I have a lot of books. I’ve emptied my library more times than I can remember, yet still have shelves and shelves of books. There must be a reason I’m dusting them!

I recently reread one by Maya Angelou. I started rereading one by William Safire, given to us by our next door neighbors as we were getting ready to move to Sedona in 2002. Interesting, but incisive critiques on word use isn’t a page-turner for me. I picked up one by Anna Quindlen, a good reread, story intrigue and short chapters.

I love losing myself in a book I cannot put down, whether novel or true. I confess at this point in my life I don’t need it to be a stay-up-all-nighter. But I’d still like it to feel that way.

If everything in my life were suddenly lost, without splitting hairs over the list, and home and spouse being unredeemable, I think I would miss books the most.

What is your desert island love or vice? [please use the comments box below]

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