Crunching Leaves

What do you like to do on Thanksgiving – besides visit with family and friends, and eat? (Cooking is mandatory for some of us!)

One of my favorite memories is the after-lunch/dinner hike. If you’re lucky, it takes you through the woods where you can scoot your feet along the ground and listen to the leaves crunch. I also remember raking the yard after we ate. Making huge piles of leaves that cried out to be jumped into! (more fun when you weigh 90 pounds than 290, unless the leaves are very, very deep!)

At times we collected the prettiest leaves and pressed them in books. Or ironed them between sheets of waxed paper to coat and preserve them. Or heavily colored their forms onto paper, then pressed the waxy pages with a hot iron.

Leaves. Red, gold, green, purple…The last woo-hoo of the season. Before everything. slows. down.

And bequeaths to us winter, the rebirthing zone, where all that we knew ceases to exist and what we hope for is not yet tangible.

It’s all there in the crunching.

Please add your memories and comments below….

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  1. Dee says:

    most of the time after eating dinner, we sit arounnd and talk or watch a movie or watch tv or nap. I can’t really recall doing anything really special.
    well with this 40ish brain, maybe I need to find those old memories and see if I’m wrong….lol

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