Giving Thanks

Wouldn’t it be fun to see how long a list of things we’re thankful for we could make? Could you reach 10 without any effort? How about 100? If your life depended upon it, could you make a list that would reach out the door, or down the street, or across town?

When I hear others saying what they’re most grateful for, they usually mention family members, possibly friends. These are the biggies. What about the parking place you found right in front of the store on October 23rd? Or that pubic hair doesn’t accidentally sprout on your face?

There are mysteries in the human body and in the world that keep it remarkably organized, in spite of chaos theory – the idea that everything wants to implode, and it’s only by our Herculean efforts that it doesn’t.

I’m grateful for words and an aptitude for saying what I intend. And the Delete key. Which is why I’m more of a writer than a speaker, even though I love talking to groups. Editing is for me! A godsend. Literally.

The photo on this page is from a Thanksgiving with friends two years ago at the Elks’ Lodge in Sedona, Arizona. If you’re destitute, you go there for a free hot meal. If you’re not, you go there and make a contribution and eat. Or serve others, then eat. The two in the foreground are both writers whom I love.

I was privileged to sit across from a gentleman whom I learned was homeless, yet his manners spoke of a royal court. He stood and lightly kissed my hand when he introduced himself. I hope he felt as gallant as he acted during that all-too-quick lunch. He was a construction worker, living in his car and hopping job to job.  I listened intently, because he obviously had so much more to offer me than I him.

Two of my friends and neighbors are in the hospital this Thanksgiving. I’m sorry I don’t have time to visit them this special day in addition to hosting others. I’m grateful they’ll both be better soon.

What are you grateful for? What are you happy about that no one ever mentions? What’s the weirdest thing in your life you’re thankful for?

This morning I was contemplating how wonderful it is to have shoes that fit. And wood for the fireplace. Food in the fridge and pantry. Cleanliness. Good work habits. Toilets that flush. Pomegranates once or twice a year. A warm bed, even though it’s sometimes too hot. Ink cartridges.

I double-dog-dare you to make the longest list possible below. Go ahead. For what are you grateful? Say thanks by listing it…

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11 Responses to Giving Thanks

  1. Dee says:

    LOL..such a challenge! are you ready?!

    1. a warm place to live in
    2. a working (yes finallly) van for Tim
    3. for new friends I make at Gainesville mom’s
    4. for my therapist! (amen!!!)
    5. for my silly cat, Baby
    6. for my laptop-the internet!!!
    7. oh and my blog!
    8. for my favorite tv shows that makes me laugh
    9. for my scrapbooks- keeps me creative
    10. Celtic Women! they are coming back to town. Yeah!!!
    11. for the gallons of water I drink
    12. for my love of writing…& photography
    13. for my cute grandniece who always brings a smile to all of our faces.
    14. for the cheese cake that keeps a smile on my face
    15. for the medications that brings healing when ill
    16. for the juke box on my cell phone-love those 80’s music
    17. for my comfortable recliner chair
    18. for the hot bath I want but I’m content with the shower
    19. for this semester ending!
    20. for my dearly beloved son, whom God has given me despite his disability.

    there is 20- does that count? lol

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