Makeover Hell

Everyone loves a makeover, right?

“Not so much,” say Internet marketers. They never go as smoothly as anticipated. One glitch is wonderful. It beats 17 glitches.

I’d just gotten used to the lovely refreshing “green leaf” WordPress blog theme, when a colleague pointed out there were some things (like the footer links) that could not be edited. Such is often the price of a “free theme” for one’s blog. It may require obeisance to its designer.

So we started over. I’ll keep blogging while my colleague keeps slogging through code to get this site looking more respectable. Professional. As writerly sites should look.

Yet if we do not adapt to change, we perish. Vinyl gives way to tape, then to CDs, then DVDs. Film is losing to digital. But we relinquish these familiar accompaniments not so we can experience loss, but so that we may experience improvement. New tools don’t always work exactly as advertised, so every change is not necessarily an improvement.

Of this we can be certain: without change there will be no improvement.

What are you currently giving up, and for what improvement in your life?

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8 Responses to Makeover Hell

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