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I’ve searched for months for a way to reduce my use of disposable plastic water bottles. Finding nothing, the last time I was at a big box store, I bought another case of bottled water (ok, so what if it’s filtered city water? that’s the same it would be if I took the time to fill bottles from my eSpring!).

All the hard plastic bottles we’ve accumulated for years are suspect:

BPA is used to make hard, clear, lightweight polycarbonate plastic—as in those virtually indestructible water bottles favored by hikers (not the disposable ones) and many baby bottles and sippy cups; it’s also found in the lining of most food and beverage cans. Trace amounts can migrate into foods and beverages… A large study last year by CDC researchers found that 93% of people tested had the chemical in their urine—with higher amounts seen in women and children.

From the Wellness Letter

My fabulous niece sent us stainless steel water bottles for Christmas. Love them. They have a wide opening for ice cubes and a narrow opening for drinking. And they’re attractive. We use them when we’re working in the yard, because we like cold water during Arizona summers. Problem for all-round use is: they leak a little if tipped over. Or can completely empty themselves in one’s gym bag, soaking wallet, cell phone, etc.

Glass is totally impractical.

Jared Joyce invented an amazing one-hand operational carabiner-clipped water bottle I was totally impressed with — and impressed with Jared! But, it comes only in blue, holds only 24 ounces, and costs $25! (I would definitely pay $25 if The Titan came in purple and held 32 oz!)

contigo water bottleFor less than $25, I got three 24-oz, leak-proof, one-hand operational, BPA-free Contigowater bottles. I can throw 2-3 in my gym bag. (I’ve never needed three during a workout!) They have clips for waistbands, backpack straps, whatever. The set I have contains Red, Blue, and Orange; though I would have preferred the Lime, Charcoal and Pink.

These are so incredibly cool, I ordered children’s versions for my great-niece and nephew. The reviews said they can help kids (especially boys) graduate from their sippy cups. And unlike sippy cups, they do not leak!

Have you ever seen a toddler wave a sippy cup around, splashing milk or juice everywhere? Or lay it down on the sofa till all the apple juice leaks between the cushions? Of course, if you’re a parent, this probably doesn’t bother you. It wouldn’t bug doting grandparents either. But you’ve got to admit, keeping clothes and car seats a little dryer might be pleasant, even for the kids.

Please send this blog link to all your environmentally-conscious hydration freaky friends. I think they’ll appreciate the design and the price!

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