A New Wrinkle I Can Live With

Lin Ennis writing editing publishing mortgage acceleration expertDo you notice physical changes in yourself that are associated with age like I do? For example, do you remember finding your first gray hair? Noticing when your smile first seemed enclosed in parentheses?

I always thought it would be cool to record the changes. There are baby books. Why not aging-people books?

This week I had several snapshots taken so I could send off a head shot to promote an appearance in a couple weeks on how to slash your mortgage interest in half by changing the way you pay.

The photo on this page didn’t make the promo cut, but if you look closely to your left of my excessively fleshy grin, you may see what made me happy. Or rather a sign I am happy. See the leftmost wrinkle that doesn’t curve like its smiling relatives? It has its own crinkle. I’m calling it a precursor to a dimple. (Why do dimples make their bearers look happier than the rest of us schmucks?)

I like to think that I am happier than I used to be. I want to believe that maturity, centeredness and gratitude make one happy. And the best part about it is, all these traits are choices.

It seems easier for most people to be critical–displeased with their own shortcomings and disgruntled with everyone else’s. That must be the path of least resistance, because few people seem truly happy most of the time. (Why not?)

We know smiling puts people at ease, improves relationships and increases sales. It can relax the smiler as well as others.

It may not be possible to grow a full-fledged dimple by grinning, but there are other advantages of trying. I discovered – and tested – smiling during a workout increases my endurance. I can squeeze out a few more reps by forcing the corners of my mouth outward.

According to Dr. William of Fry of Standford University, smiling stimulates the human brain to release chemicals which inhibit infection and lessen pain. from The Women Warriors

If smiling not only makes me and everyone around me feel better, but also lessens pain and enhances productivity, that’s a wrinkle I can live with!

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