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Birthday Pain

This birthday is a bit sad for me. It’s my first birthday without a mom. While my own mother died a month before my birthday last year, organizing her funeral, getting the family together, traveling to Texas and bringing home … Continue reading

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Awaiting Profundity

I’ve delayed posting, hoping to find a neat, poetic way to tie up the major events of this last year. It’s been about letting people die, helping people die, and honoring people who die. In April, my mother died. I’d … Continue reading

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Separation Bookends

“I can do it” (implying “better than you can”) is an utterance we hear almost as soon as toddlers can speak in full sentences. Sometimes before! (“me do! me do!”) From toddler-ignorance through young adult-flamboyance, there’s an egoistic (not as … Continue reading

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Incorrect Sentiment

When someone close to you dies, there are no right words, no correct ways to feel or express yourself; but in no case is that more apparent than when the deceased is a parent, more particularly a mother. I haven’t … Continue reading

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When Mom Dies

Thirty-five days ago, I received a call from my younger brother that our mother had been taken to the hospital for something akin to acting strangely in her apartment building with common, shared hallways. A minor bladder infection was identified … Continue reading

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